Newlyweds join Philadelphia protest on their wedding day: ‘The power of love’

Behold the power of love!

Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon tied the knot on Saturday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and then stepped outside to join the protests in honor of George Floyd.

The happy couple were greeted with applause and cheers when they joined the crowd outside the Logan Hotel. The bride looked radiant in her wedding dress, while her husband looked dapper in his tuxedo.

The crowd parted ways for the couple, who kissed and posed for wedding photos to capture their special day. They then joined the march along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as the crowd walked toward City Hall.

A video of the special moment was shared online and has since gone viral.

“The power of love on so many levels,” tweeted one person who caught the special moment on camera.

“Now this is a reception!” added one Twitter user.

Another person wrote, “Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Such a touching display of love at a time when it’s desperately needed.”